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  • shepson

    Snow Science

    Chemistry's Paul Shepson leads study that looks at Arctic snow, sunlight and ozone depletion

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  • Vint Cerf

    Cerf's Up

    Vint Cerf, a "Father of the Internet," helps Computer Science celebrate 50 years

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  • Cosmic ray detecting balloons

    Cosmic Ride

    Purdue Physics Outreach commemorates Victor Hess' experiments with hot air balloon rides

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  • Research Symposium

    Research Win

    Kristin Zabrecky and the College of Science fare well at 2013 Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium

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  • Towns

    Murphy Winner

    Chemistry Prof. Marcy Towns wins top Purdue teaching honor

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  • Mathieu

    Numbers Man

    Meet new Actuarial Science student Elliot Mathieu

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  • Feasting with Faculty

    Faculty Feast

    "Feasting with Faculty" program allows students and CoS faculty to connect over lunch

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  • Global Dialogues

    Global Dialogue

    The "Global Dialogues" program helps CoS international students learn about each other's cultures

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  • Yunlong Zi

    Nano Physics

    Physics' Yunlong Zi's research looks at the future of nano computers

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  • feulner

    Science Athlete

    Samantha Feulner swims through Computer Science

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  • feature Image Three

    Cancer Fighter

    Bio Sciences' Jason Hadley uses Chemistry labs for cancer cell research

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  • parish

    Weather Guy

    The forecast for James Parish calls for a career in meteorology

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  • Cooks

    Brain Breakthrough

    CoS-developed new tool to help brain surgeons is one step closer to the operating room

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